Prove Your Right To Work by sending Share code to employer

To prove your right to work, please follow steps, explained in the guide below.
Because employer need to match Home Office information (record about your status outcome) with your ID.
This guide is for those only, who already get
Settled or Pre-settled status and requested to give a Share code to employer.

Please open the website:

Select "Start now >"

Select "I have status under EU Settlement Scheme".

Select "Continue"

Please select identity document, used in your application.

Select "Continue"

Enter your identity document number.

Select "Continue"

Enter your date of birth.

Select "Continue"

Please select your mobile number or e-mail address. If someone else helped you to complete EU Settlement Scheme application and their mobile number or e-mail address been used, ask them to help and support you, because security code will be sent to one of those selected. You can not continue without Security code!

Select "Continue"

Please enter received Security code.

Select "Continue"

HMRC confirms you right to work.

This is only one right proof of your right to work, what we are allowed to accept. We need Share code to have access to this information.

Please do not stop here and select "Continue" to create Share code.

In this window you can see your Share code - unique
combination of 3x3 symbols, like this: W27 BLM 5BX.

You can:
- create a screenshot and send to
- send
Share code as text to
- print this page as proof for yourself

We strongly suggesting - Please do not stop here!
Safest way, how to give the Share code to employer,
is select
"Send code by email".

Please enter and select "Continue"

Please check entered e-mail address and select "Send".

If you need to change something, select "Change".

Please select "Finish and leave service".

Congratulations, all done!

Dear colleague!
Please follow this guide and do those 12 simple steps, to get a peace of mind, offered by Settled or Pre-settled status. Peace of mind for yourself, your family, your friends and us - your employer.

Thank you all, who send Share code!

Please do not hesitate to contatct us if help is needed!